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If games were scored based on 'best use of Bonnie Tyler', Saints Row: The Third would be getting top marks across the board. Replace Bonnie Tyler with Kanye West and the same thing applies. It's impossible to stress just how exhilarating it is to dive out of a helicopter onto the roof of a luxury condo, while 'The Power' plays from an unseen sound system. Saints Row 3 is filled with moments like this; over the top, bombastic setpieces that make other games look pedestrian, ramping up the action and the silliness to eleven. It can get away with it, after all. Saints Row isn't trying to tell a sensible crime story, nor is it grounded in any sort of reality. Its deliberately a video game. Saints Row knows that, in a game, sometimes you just want to let loose. It's a playground, and it revels in it.

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With its roots in gang warfare, the Saints Row series has always had a healthy selection of weaponry - pistols, SMGs, assault rifles, grenades...all of the genre standards. In addition to these traditional guns, some wackier tools of destruction like the chainsaw, satchel charge, sledgehammer, samurai sword, and a giant foam “pimp hand” have been available to players. Plenty of bloodshed happened thanks to the weapons we’ve already seen in the Saints Row series, but they’re nothing compared to what you’ll have access to in Saints Row: The Third.